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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

You're right, David...

David Pinto, who runs a great baseball blog at www.baseballmusings.com, had this post on Sunday:

Spring Without the Stars
Despite the loss of Sammy Sosa by trade and Barry Bonds by injury,
ticket sales are ahead of last year in the Cactus League.
Reservations at Scottsdale's famed Don & Charlie's restaurant are "unbelievable," said co-owner Don Carson, whose walls are decorated with an array of baseball memorabilia.
"We accept reservations up to 30 days in advance, and we're getting calls at midnight," Carson said.
With all the teams so close together, taking a vacation to spend a week in Arizona during spring training sounds like a baseball fan's dream.

And he is damn right. And, as is our tradition, a group of friends (including npgage, The Man In Black, and Pete) will be traveling to Pheonix in just 22 days. It truly is a baseball fan's dream. No clouds, 65-80 degree weather, and baseball in its purest form. Being on a hot dog and beer-only diet, tailgating at 10 am despite knowing that a dirty dog and a Steveweiser may or may not make you puke, getting to watch guys playing their hearts out and hoping to make the team, getting to be five feet away from superstars, waving a Nebraska flag in center field and yelling at Darin Erstad to get a hat tip (which, of course, we got), being in a crowd of about 25 people getting to watch former Nebraska players play in A games, and even serving dirty dogs to single A players who are shagging home run balls in the parking lot.

At night, trying to act like we're 21 again--hitting up the Arizona State bars, acting like we're cool and "with it." When, in reality, we're just a bunch of baseball dorks who just spent over $400 to go watch a bunch of exhibition baseball games.

And I couldn't be more excited.

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