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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

America's Favorite Pie???

Apple? Cherry? Key Lime? Peach?

Not in Maine...

Lemon? Chocolate? Strawberry? Are you sure it's not apple?

Sweet Potato Pie??? Not Quite.

Keep going, the man in black is getting hungry...

Unless you visit New England, more specifically, Maine. You would probably never guess that LOBSTER PIE is found on the menu of more restaurants than any of the aforementioned pies combined. CRAZY??? I think not. This is Maine Lobster that we're talking about.

How can one describe the quality of Lobster in Maine? Well, it's tough, but one could compare it to a fine steak located in corn Fed Nebraska. Now that's succulent.

So you've probably heard of Shepherds Pie. Which is average, at best. Please don't confuse. Lobster Pie has stepped up to a whole new level. Kind of like Warren G: "Funk, on a whole new level." Substitute food for funk, and you might understand a little better. This stuff is the bomb.

Lobster Pie basically has 3 ingredients. Lobster, cracker crumbs, and LOTS OF BUTTER!!! How can you go wrong? Really, no more needs to be explained. So, If you are ever lucky enough to stumble upon the state of Maine, and you don't feel like pulling apart a boiled lobster, I'd strongly recommend the Pie. It's THEBOMB.com

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