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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Boys of Summer

Baseball is here folks...finally time to quit talking about roids and time to start worrying about Division titles and lack of a closer issues. Baseball is at its finest in the months of April and May. Everyone has a chance and every fan has a hope. With that I am proposing Heavysoul's first ever fearless predictions thread....Good luck to everyone's teams except for the Cubs.
My picks:
AL East-As much as I hate to say it, I think the Yankees storm back this year and win this division. Their rotation if healthy is unmatched. Yes they are aging offensively, but its still a very productive lineup.
AL Central-Grandpa Pete says its the most improved division in baseball...I still say it sucks. Cleveland and Detroit both made some nice offseason moves. Cleveland is one of the best young teams out there but I think they are still a few years away. Mags is a huge addition for Detroit and they should put up a lot of runs this year, I just don't think they have the pitching to make a serious run at winning this division. So with that I'm taking the experience and going with Minnesota. And just like normal they'll win the division but not be a serious WS contender.
AL West- If Anaheim doesn't walk away with this division by June I will be surprised. I love Texas and their young bats, frankily I think that they might be the most fun team to watch this year, they can flat rake, but can they pitch? Man in Black, sorry but I just don't see the A's being contenders this year either...Anaheim easily.
NL East- As a Braves fan I am pissed at myself for picking against them last year, I of all people should have known better...but just like the 12 years previous they found a way to be the best team in a piss poor division. The division improved in the offseason and I think that it will vastly improved. The Mets, Marlins, and Phillies all should give the Braves a run for their money, but I learned my lesson last year, pick Bobby Cox and Leo Mazzone.
NL Central- Like last year...should be the best division in baseball. I really doubt the Cardinals come close to winning 105 games again this year but they will still be right there in the end. The Astros should be great again....than there is the Cubs. How will they fare? In my opinion they are the definate wild card in this division, but their preseason health issues are not boding well. I'll go with the Cards to again win this division but in a much closer race this year.
NL West- Interesting division...the Dodgers totally revamped their roster after winning it last year, the Giants have obvious issues, and than there are the upstart Padres. San Diego came out of nowhere last year and I think that they continue to build on that, I love their starting rotation and I think they win this division in the end.
AL Wildcard-BoSox...again
NL Wildcard-I'll go out on a limb...the Mets spending spree pays off.
World Series-I'll say the Cardinals defeat the Yankees

Well there you have it, i've put my reputation on the line and put my predictions out for the world to see...get to vegas and take the Cardinals at their current 9/1 odds, you can thank me later.

Man, you really went out on a limb with those predictions EZT. What are your NFL predictions going to be? Patriots and Eagles in the Super Bowl again? The BCS game is between Oklahoma and USC? Next year's NCAA championship game is North Carolina and Duke? Here's the Big Boi's predictions:
AL East: Bosox, you can't go against the reigning world series champions
AL Central: Tigers average scoring ten runs a game and surprise everyone, including the owners
AL West: EZT got this right, but it might be closer than everyone expects as every team in this division got better, except for the A's, sorry MIB. But who knows, maybe they'll pull off the Ewing Theory and the A's finally make it out of the divisional series
NL East: Pedro leads the Mets to the promised land
NL Central: Houston's three aces each get twenty wins apiece and the Astros win this division (sorry GA Hill)
NL West: Giants aren't without Bonds for more than six weeks and with him in the lineup every player is either an all-star or a former all-star. No one else in the division comes close.
AL WC: In the immortal words of Mark Wane...Surpise. Mariners with Beltre and Sexson are the Wild Card out of the AL. That's right. No Yankees in the playoffs this year. Steinbrenner finally did it and bought up so much singular talent that they can't play like a team any more. Joe Torre quits after this year.
NL WC: Braves,Cards, and Marlins play a round robin series to see who gets the Wild Card and no one wins. (J/K) EZT your Braves get the nod in the NL.
World Series: Mets v. Angels
Champion: Angels
big boi, you completely lost any and all credibility by picking the Asstros. They are going to be fighting with the Reds for third place, if they're that lucky. Seriously, they lost Beltran, Clemens is already showing his age in ST, Berkman is hurt for the first month or so of the season, and somehow, their team got older. There is maybe ONE 20-game winner on that team, and that is Oswalt. I will put whatever kind of money you want on whether or not Clemens or Pettite will win 20. Seriously. Name a dollar amount.
I get to donkey punch anyone who dares mention KC as a divsion leader
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