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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Coalition of the Willing

I know this will probably be struck down in a matter of minutes by the Fuhrer, but can't we create a coalition that can take GA Hill out of power or refuse to put all these damn Kentucky references all over the blog. I know he has weapons of mass destruction somewhere, I just need some patsies to agree with me so I can take him down and convert his computer to my own glorious needs. Or we could just limit him to everytime one of us makes a reference to a team we like, he then has a span of thirty minutes to write something about Kentucky. If he misses that window then he has to wait until another one of us makes a reference. I think that sounds fair, but I still reserve unto myself the right to use force whether or not he surrenders all of the Kentucky banter.
Thank you,
Big W. Boi

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