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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Crew....Who Knew

Last Friday I had an interesting experience. I was going to an OAR concert ( more on them later) and my roommate and I decided to grab some dinner and beers before the show. So we went to the neighborhood the concert was in, and found a bar, "Crew Bar & Grill." This seemed innocent enough so we headed inside.....just a bunch of guys sitting around watch the NCAA tourney. Cheap beer, burgers, and a lot of TVs, I'm "in."

Over the course of the next hour, many things became apparent to us.
- The bar was decorated like IKEA
- At 11 p.m. there was a jock strap contest, at "Frat Party Friday"
- Our waitor was wearing a shirt that said "I love tightends"
- Many of the sports fans were drinking Cosmos
- The bathroom was one of the 3 or 4 cleanest I've been in
- There was a framed Sports Illustrated, with Brian Boitano
- The following quote above the bar. "I like my beer cold, my tv loud, and my homosexuals flaming."

If you are as observant as we are, you have determined that yes, we were in a gay sports bar. I mention this story not because there is anything wrong with it, just because it was a fascinating evening. It was great, many pitchers of beer and a few good laughs later we headed to the OAR concert.

Now, I generally think OAR sucks anymore. But I will say this, they play fun ass music, and they don't bother to play anything new. Sure, "Hey Girl" may technically be new b/c they keep re-releasing it on every cd, but they just play crowd favorites that keep everyone rocking.

Sounds like a White Sox bar.
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