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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Great Hoops Weekend

How great is this weekend going to be for college basketball enthusiasts??? I don't remember a more exciting opening tourney weekend than last thur-sun was....I think this weekend could even be better. I think we also look at what's left of the field and quickly learn that experienced coaches find ways to win in March. Coack K, Izzo, Lute Olsen, Tubby, Roy, Pitino, Knight, and Sutton is quite the laundry list of great coaches left in the sweet 16. They all have the knack of not losing to teams they are supposed to beat. Obviously something the Bill Self's of the world didn't do.
With that, its an especially exciting regional in Austin, TX. Only one of myself, GA Hill, and Big Boi will come away happy this weekend. As a Dukie I couldn't ask for more than to get the chance to beat Mich. St., Kentucky, and Carolina. What an exciting stretch of games. Can Coach K find a way to overcome a severe lack of depth and size...only time will tell, but my money's always on Coach K. Good luck tomorrow night Big Boi...this isn't Mateen Cleaves and Co.

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