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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm Sorry America

For anyone who attempted to watch the NBC remake of the smash British comedy, The Office, you know what I'm talking about. Apparently in our country there are no talented sitcom writers, or at least not enough to field a whole tv lineup, or at least more than The Simpsons, Arrested Development and Scrubs. I can't think of any other comedies I consider to be well written.

Apparently Friends, and subsequently Joey, encouraged clever writers to try their hand in a different medium.

But seriously, The Office was 100% crap. They succeeded in completely copying the show, the set and even several story lines. Of course the mistake they made is that they downgraded every actor and employed horrible writing. The only funny scene relied on racial stereotyping, and c'mon, you don't have to copy a British idea to tell racial jokes.

I guess I was just a bit disappointed. If NBC would've taken the idea and piggy backed off it to go further, maybe we could have had something. Instead they just blatantly copied it, and made it crap.

And the reason we should all be sorry. Our country has to deal with the collective shame of this show. Maybe we all should have spent a little more time writing pilots to TV shows.

Interesting. I have never seen the original, so I don't know, but I thought the first two episodes have been hilarious.
Gage I too have been privy to the BBC version, and for the past two week I have been pimping it to co-workers. As it turns out much like GA Hill they are loving it, and I could not be more disappointed.
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