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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I've waited long enough...

GAHill, I wanted to give you a couple of days before I posted this out of respect to the remarkable game we witnessed on Sunday night. It was one of the greatest basketball games I have ever witnessed and I think Kentucky deserves all the praise you heap upon them. At the same time I couldn't hold this in much longer as EZT called out Cleaves and Co. last week.
EZT, where was Coach K on Friday night? I'll tell you where, cowering beneath the power of Izzo. Your boy better watch out or Tom will be taking away those retarded AMEX commercials (good human being my ass). That's now 4 final fours and 5 elite eights in the last seven years. To quote the Kool-Aide Man: "Oh yeah!"
I don't know if the State boys can pull off two more upsets in this tournament, but it was thrill enough to watch Reddick walk off the court as a goddamn cry baby loser. I didn't want to go there but you challenged the supremacy of the FLINTstones last week and I felt I needed to fire back. It was a good game and Duke is a class act, one of the top five programs in the nation. I'll just never like them or Coach K.
As to the other game, I think it speaks for itself. 10 ties, 19 lead changes, a last second shot to send it into over time, and two overtimes on top of that. I watched the game with GAHill and I don't think either of us sat down after 5 min. left in the second half. I may or may not have smoked an entire pack of cigarettes after halftime. It was an incredible game and I hope all of you guys got to watch it.
I know most of you guys don't think the Spartans have a chance in hell of winning two more games. I'm not sure if they can either, but never count out Izzo.
Big "The Izzo Loving" Boi

Congrats...thats all i can muster.
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