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Monday, March 07, 2005

JoBo sighting...

Joe Borowski finally pitched today, and apparently pitched real well. He pitched one inning, gave up a lead-off walk, but followed that up with a ground ball double play, then struck out the third batter looking on a supposedly real nasty pitch. He told Gary Miller that he was "really nervous" for that first batter, but then settled down.

So there's the good news. Bad news is he topped off at 88 mph.

To say that Borowski returning to 2003 form would be a Godsend is the understatement of the decade. Sounds like it was mostly positive today, but that velocity scares me a bit. Who knows? I do know that this spring is going to be real interesting.

Also, Corey Patterson got hit pretty hard by a pitch on his bad knee. He fell immediately to the ground, but walked off on his own power and walked around the dugout. He says he's fine, but they are doing precautionary x-rays. I'm guessing he is OK, but I'm going to go ahead and hold my breath until those bad boys come back from the lab showing that he is still insanely fast.

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