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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


There hasn't been an update in a while, and I don't really have time to do an update now. Topics to be discussed soon include the Tourney, the Cubs' pitching/injuries (see ya, JoeBo), and other cool stuff.

But, for now, I encourage you all to buy Lemonade Gatorade--it absolutely rules, and we're here for you, dear reader. So go buy Lemonade Gatorade.

I concur, Mr. Hill. Lemonade Gatorade does in fact rule. Tastes exactly like Country Time, but with the Gatorade seal of approval, I know that I am being filled with the electrolytes that Country Time just can't provide. It's a refreshing notion that when I want a vodka and lemonade, I can now mix it with the Gatorade stuff and not be dehydrated in the morning. Oh my God, that's brilliant. I didn't even realize the brilliance until I saw those words appear on the screen. I can't wait until Coors and Gatorade get together and solve my problems forever.
That is a facinating point, Man in Black. Feel free in the future to go ahead and add these kind of thoughts to the post itself; you have administrator rights. Just make sure to sign your name to it.
Man in Black you are hilarious! Post more!
npgage...the gatorade lemonade/vodka combo is absolutely horrid news for our College World Series tailgating. Can you imagine the wreck I'll be in after a full tailgating day with this new invention??? Good god, dehydrating myself was the only thing that kept me from drinking myself to death. This is horrible....horrible news for my likings of vodka/lemonades for baseball tailgating...horrible.
Do you think Gatorade was thinking about these ramifications when they came up with this? I would like to think that they have a marketing guy somewhere that came up with this, but then again, no one's mind quite works like the MIB's.
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