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Thursday, March 03, 2005

My annual "F You!" to the Veteran's Committee

Ron Santo missed the Hall of Fame again this year. By 8 VOTES. I like the idea of the Hall of Fame Veteran's Committee. However, seeing it is made up of people like that pompous ass Joe Morgan, I hate it. Joe Morgan, on Sunday Night Baseball, has said numerous times that he doesn't think that Santo deserves to get in, which is just stupid.

It mentions this in the ESPN article linked above, but I think the most telling statistic of when Ron was in his prime is win shares. If you are familiar with Bill James' sabermetrics, win shares are (supposedly) the most telling statistic of a player. Ron Santo had four consecutive years of 30 win shares or more. There were only two other players who equaled that total: Willie Mays and Hank Aaron.

Other things include his 5 Gold Gloves, leading the NL in walks four times, OBP two times, led the NL Third Basemen in assists seven straight years, and hit 25 homers and over 90 RBI's in eight straight seasons. Keep in mind that this was in the "non-juiced" era of the 1960's. 25 homers today would be more like 35-40 homers. He was the best third baseman in the NL for most of a decade.

There are only 12 Third Basemen in the Hall of Fame. How one could look at Ron Santo and have a look at his numbers (not to mention the man himself and how he is such a great ambassador for baseball) and say that he is not one of the top 13 Third Basemen of all time? It is beyond me.

So, fuck you, Veteran's Committee. Keep on keeping people out of your precious club, no matter how deserving the player.

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