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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Nothing but Klass here..

Great move by Coach K during the Duke-UNC contest Sunday, taken from the New York Post:

"That intensity spilled into the stands as Krzyzewski, livid when he heard a Carolina fan yell to him on his way off the court at the end of the half, 'You've got (official Larry) Rose in your pocket,' had security eject the fan from the arena.

The fan's name: Scott Williams, Roy Williams' son."

Coach K, the classiest coach in America. Grabbing security when he should be grabbing his dry-erase board to try to figure out how to win the game. Sweet job. And the fact that it was Roy's kid just makes it priceless.

OK, enough is enough. I've been hesitant to start in on this blog because as GA Hill and others have warned me this isn't a forum to talk smack, but rather a place for random information, but I have my limits and this b.s. about Coach K has lit the fire that I can't put out without ranting.
Coach K is one of the all-time class acts in college sports and to post this jargon is rediculous. Typical Kentucky fan posting if you ask me. As we are all from Nebraska, at least originally, we all know how big of a fraud Roy Williams is so I can only imagine what his son is like. Let's not blame Coach K for this as I am sure none of us are getting the full story, Coach K is to "klassy" to go public with what lil' Roy actually said.
And for the record...this has officially lit the EZT blogging fire...be ready, like the women who love me, size doesn't matter.
That's fine to come back, ezt. But I disagree with calling Roy a fraud. I think he is a good guy. It would be just like if you or I were coaching for Alabama football, but the Nebraska job came open and we got offered the job. You know that you would take it. So would I. So calling the guy a fraud because he went back home is absurd, I think.

And if you read the article, the writer didn't interview 'lil Roy, the guy heard it himself.
Roy isn't a fraud for "going home"...I don't blame him for that either, but the fraudulent claim has more to do with his overrating coaching abilities. The guy can recruit, no argument there. But he's not a championship caliber coach because he doesn't teach enough defense. His secondary break is genious, but the guy just doesn't teach enough D. The old cliche of "Defense Wins Championships" isn't preached religiously for nothing. Tubby Smith, Coach K, Bobby Knight...all great defensive coaches...and they have the titles that Roy is desperately missing because of it.
Oh, well, I'll definately give you that. There's no way that a Tubby, K, Knight, etc. would have this many completely loaded teams over this many years and not have won one. NO WAY. I totally agree with you, now that you explain it that way.

Also, apparently this writer more or less made up that part of the story. So I'll take off this post after you see that I agree with you.
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