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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sad Bastard Life Update, Part I

It's been awhile since I shared my unsolicited inner workings, so I figued I'd give it a go. I hope that it is normal to feel a bit schleppy when you are the only single dude in a group of twelve friends. Not bad or pitiful, just a bit schleppy. Two couples married, two engaged, and two damn close. One dude who can't remember a sober Sunday since his high school graduation. Mixes like lamb and tuna fish. Maybe you prefer peanut butter and jelly. Which on a quick side note has seemed like an odd combination. Kind of a ballsy move to be the first to mix the two. Whomever it was, the bastard struck gold. The minds of married/engaged/dating people work differently. No offense to those afflicted, but I think you lose some fun-having ability when you go out socially. Or on the otherhand, maybe when I go out with The Afflicted, I force myself to drink more to convince myself that I'm having a good time and everyone else is actually acting fairly normal and just haven't drunk themselves to oblivion. So in the form of the classic Chicken vs. Egg question, I pose this riddle to you: Are the Afflicted less fun than the Inebriated or closer to normal by comparison?

Man in Black, I am not going to sugar coat this guy for you, I honestly think you are the one to blame here, I think you are the one who put yourself into uncomfortable situation. I not saying you should not hang out with these long time friends, because you should, what you need to do is evaluate where and what the gathering is for and judge accordingly. I too was asked to have diner with a married couple and friends on Saturday, and although my response of “Oh God no” may have been considered rude, I believe the Sanchez’s understood that is not a single mans Saturday night. So Man in Black to avoid these Sundays of self loathing, leave your self an out. I know that is a horrible thing to say, and hopefully the friends will understand how uncomfortable these evening are can be for the singles. Don’t worry your day will come.

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