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Monday, March 07, 2005

Sad Bastard Life Update, Part II

Staying true to form and fulfilling my followings demands, here is Part II of the acclaimed Sad Bastard Life Update.

As I spent the Christmas holiday with one of my hetero lifemates, Delusional KC Fan, I realized I would receive no presents. This would not be a huge deal, but I don't usually buy myself presents besides booze, smokes, and combo meals. Allowed by the pay period ending December 24, and available Internet access, I splurged. I would like to give you an update on how my self-given presents.

1) Print subscription to The Onion. Cost: $50, I think. I know I can access all of the humor and wit from its website, but being as I rarely have reliable Internet access, I thought this would be a cool gift to myself. I imagined impressing guests by having the latest edition on the coffee table. But, as it is, I don't entertain many guests. It is still a tasty weekly morsel while winding down from the rigors of retail. I didn't realize that the majority of the magazine was the A/V Club. I'm not disappointed, just didn't know what I was getting into. Overall Grade: A-.

2) The SNL Ultimate Collection. Cost: $100. As a comic connoseur, this is a must have. You get 10 dvds (Ferrell, Shannon, Myers, Carvey, Hartman, Sandler, Farley, Rock, Murphy, and one other that is lost in the endless clutter of my living room and life. If you purchase this set, you get all 10--that last one is not permanently lost in my living room.) This is a wonderful gift, TMIB. Thank you. You're welcome. This truly is a gift that keeps on giving because although I think I've only watched the Ferrell and Murphy discs, I can watch any of them anytime I want. No urgency necessary. Most discs come with outtakes and auditions, really good stuff. Overall Grade: A freaking +.

3) 1 year subscription to Spin magazine. Cost: $12. The value alone of this gift boosts its grade. It is a nice complement to my lifetime subscription to the more popular and in some posters' opinion more fascist music publication, Rolling Stone. (Which, by the way is a pretty good deal for $100.) It gives me a little more music, a little less Communist Manifesto. As a monthly publication, I tend to forget it is coming until I check the mailbox and it's like finding a 10 spot in the pocket of the jeans you wore last weekend. Overall Grade: B-.

4) Pre-order copies of Bright Eyes' twin albums along with the Bright Eyes' Christmas album from the Saddle Creek website. Cost: $30 plus shipping, which pisses me off because I live about a mile from their HQ. As a self-proclaimed sad bastard, it only made sense to show the world that I couldn't wait to get my hands on more material. The pre-order also entered me into a drawing for an iPod with the entire Saddle Creek catalog on it. I subsequently did not win. This little package was loaded with goodies. Not only did I get a hip little sticker, I also received a hand-written thank you note. Granted it only said "Thank you," in blue ink, it was a nice sentiment. Overall Grade: Good solid 7.5.

That concludes this portion of The Life Sad Bastard with The Man in Black. I win, 1-0.

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