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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

So Close....

Seriously, did anyone think that EZ-T's boys would not leave it all on the court.


UPDATE: NP Gage already said it, but these kids surely played their ASS off. It was one of the most exciting HS Basketball games that I've ever witnessed, truly worth every penny of the $4 admission charge. Ray Central finished regulation on a 9-2 run to send it to OT, then drained a 3 at the end of the first OT to tie it again. It was everything you could ever ask for in HS B-Ball. In the end, the team that shot better from the charity stripe was able to close the deal. 27-30 from the line, that doesn't happen often, not in HS, not in the NCAA, rarely even in the Association. A heartbreaker for the Ehlers boys, for sure. But EZ-T's already talking about next year, all the juniors that are coming back, Ray Central isn't going to hang their head after this performance; these boys should be proud. Hats off to the coaches too. It was obvious that they got every once of potential out of these boys.


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