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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Speaking of Senior Night...Don't forget about "THE CAPTAIN!!!"

When it comes to leadership, sportsmanship, class, personality, and the ultimate teammate: I think of #12, THE CAPTAIN, Jake "The Snake" Muhleisen. That's right, #12 in your program, #1 in your heart. How many players in D-1 athletics can you name that have been captains of their program for 3 years? Well, I can only think of one. Say what you will about NU Basketball, and well, you could say a lot, but Jake’s leadership speaks volumes.

The 6-4 senior out of the storied program known as Lincoln Southeast (AKA: The New York Yankees, LA Lakers & SF 49ers of HS Athletics*) has been the glue of NU Basketball over the past 4 years. Granted his #'s have been down this year, but he's a team player, and the team has a chance to finish 8-8 in Big 12 play for the first time under Barry Collier.

While the future of the Snake is unknown to us at the moment, we could probably predict that he will log zero-to-no minutes at all in the NBA. But that's okay, because this kid could do almost anything else. Wojo has nothing on Jake. Let's just say that the Snake will be on the bench for the Huskers in a couple of years, making everyone in the country even forget about that clown Wojo. That would be great, I'm pretty sure it will happen. Hell, most of you don't even know who Wojo is anyway, other than some D-Bag that used to bang on the floor. (Left Turn, Sorry, I'm back.)

Back to the issue of being captain, in which Jake has three years of service under his belt. This year, famed Husker Football Play-by-Play man, and current basketball announcer Jim Rose has coined a new nick-name for # 12..."And finally, at 6-4, a guard, from Lincoln Southeast High School "THE CAPTAIN" Jake Muuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhlllleeeeeeeeeiiiiiiisssssssssennnnnnn." Honestly, I've heard Robert Parish introduced at his final game at Boston Garden, which perils in comparison to the 8,000 NU fans that go crazy when Jake is introduced. And those Celtic fans loved the chief, but they hold nothing on the country's only Red Zone, and their passion for our beloved Captain.

So a big salute to all Husker Seniors tonight: John Turek, Corey Simms, Marcus Neal, and especially #12, "THE CAPTAIN" Jake Muhleisen. Jake, we'll miss you greatly. Your hard work, devotion, leadership and charisma are second to none. Thanks for being a part of the strong Husker Tradition.

*Another Breathtaking fun fact about Lincoln Southeast and Husker Athletics: The Captains of all three major sports, Football-Barrett Ruud, Basketball-Jake Muhleisen, and Baseball-Alex Gordon are all LSE alums. Ruud & Gordon will continue their careers as professional athletes in their respected sports, and for Jake, well; you already know what kind of stud he is.

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