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Monday, March 14, 2005

Unintentional Comedy at its' finest...

In the new Sports Illustrated, Gene Menez takes part in what could be a perfect 100 on the Unintentional Comedy Scale: "Dinner at Yao's," where he sat in the VIP room at Yao's parent's new Chinese place and observed dinner with Yao, Patrick Ewing, and Dikembe Mutombo. This is, hands down, the funniest thing I have maybe ever read. One quick highlight for you:

The Set Up: Ewing has just asked how many languages it is that Dikembe speaks. Dikembe, sipping a vigin strawberry daiquiri, responds:

"I speak Ebonics now, so eight. Yao, do you speak Ebonics?"

And Yao just shrugs.

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