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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Welcome, Creighton Fans!!

It appears Sambuca's letter to West Virginia hit a couple of nerves in the Big Blue Nation (consisting of, well, Omaha)! We have received some very nice comments regarding 'Buca's letter.

A few clarifications regarding our friend jaybird's comments:

1. If one received a D+ in Journalism at UNL, what does a Creighton student get? Last I checked, UNL has an entire Journalism SCHOOL, and it happens to be one of the top-rated ones in the country. Its alumni boasts six Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists. I believe one of those actually includes one of the writers who broke Watergate. Looking at Creighton's website, I see Journalism is a major buried in the broad College of Arts and Sciences. Congrats.

2. In every ranking I have seen of the two schools, they sure are close to be calling UNL a "glorified community college" and to make generalizations of their "academic standing." If you throw in Law and Medical School rankings, I would hate to see what you call Creighton. I'm guessing it would have to be something that you would be embarrassed to say in front of your mother (and daddy might take away the credit card!). Your condescending shot at someone's writing is the ultimate showing of an inferiority complex--you have to bring people down to make a stupid point. Great for you. Oh, and nice use of "delude:" did you have to dig out the thesaurus for that one? If not, I am totally intimidated by your infinite vocabulary and wisdom!

3. Just because the tuition at Creighton is $15,170 (!) more than it is at Nebraska does not make it a better school. Just to let you know.

More than anything, I love how completely and totally predictable your response was. Snotty, condescending, and desperate. Thank you so much for maintaining my expectations of a Creighton grad.

The funny thing is, I could give two rat craps about Creighton basketball. It does fire me up, however, that you defend your MID-MAJOR basketball program by making fun of a university that is overall academically superior to yours because it is a state school. Love it, love it, love it.

Lastly, to "Anonymous:" I know you said that you won't be visiting our site again, but you called us "pathetic" and we "make you laugh." Yet you're the one using "LMAO." Who's pathetic? We're not the man in the mirror....Oh, and I absolutely can put down Creighton basketball, because I follow Kentucky. So it actually makes Creighton's little run the last few years a drop in the bucket compared to the team I follow. Actually, makes it quite laughable. Your best years are UK's darkest. Have fun with that.

Big Boy, needless to say, none of this includes you.

I understand that I go to Creighton and I'm in law school, but why is it necessary to use me in your guys' responses to some eighth grader whose dad has forced the mediocrity of Creighton basketball upon him? Bluejay either forgot that Creighton's campus could fit inside Cook Pavillion or his delusions of grandeur have pushed him over the edge. I'm not going to agree with you guys that Creighton should lose. I don't really like Nebraska basketball any better than Creighton's program. But the fact that some pre-pubescent jackass has thrown this blog into turmoil is actually fairly entertaining.
Creighton and Nebraska are both decent schools in their own ways. We should be ridiculing UNO or UNK, not belittling the only two schools that actually contribute to the Good Life here in Nebraska.
Oh, and EZT, don't question whether I got into Lincoln. You know the answer baby!
El Big Boi,

I was just pointing out what I hoped was the obvious in saying that none of what was written was directed to you.

We know where your heart is!

Big Boi...I know the answer, I love you.
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