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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

We're taking a Huge Dump

I admit, I personally have been remiss in posting over the last couple of weeks. A busy work schedule coupled with a move has diminished my web surfing, but seriously, things need to get better.

We don't need to be writing long posts, just tidbits. Doesn't anyone know of a CD I would like. Honestly, I don't hear anything. I just got the Postal Service last week, and it's brilliant, but why didn't I know before then? Everyone who posts on this board who doesn't spend all their time coaching Class C basketball could probably inform me of something I would like.

It's not time for excuses, just time to get better.

Gage, a few cd's you might think about if you haven't heard them already (artist first, then album):
Handsome Boy Modeling School: White People
Kasabian: Kasabian
The Mars Volta: Frances the Mute
The Faint: Wet from Birth & Danse Macabre
Cary Brothers: All the Rage
Arcade Fire: Funeral
The Handsome Boy Modeling School cd is especially awesome. They do a song with Jack Johnson that's just amazing. I'm also assuming that you already have the Garden State soundtrack.
Granted, I had a few cocktails, but when I listened to the Mars Volta album, I thought I was trippin'. Great stuff.
keep in mind that the earlier musical recommendations are coming from the same guy who used to listen to Slipknot "because they have really good vocals". Just food for thought before you go blowing cash on CDs. . .
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