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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Back to Mags for a second...

I know you have all probably seen or heard about this, but how about Ozzie Guillen's recent comments about Magglio Ordonez. This has to set some record for most [bleeps] in a single story:


I saw Larry Boa and Brently talking on Baseball Tonight about how wrong this was of Ozzie and at the very least he should know better than to start a fire within his own division, but I think it is hillarious. In a day where coaches and managers are often so white bread, rifling off any and all cliches they can think of while giving pre and post game interviews, it is refreshing to see a manager not affraid to tell it like it is. I would think it would be easy to rally behind a manager like this.

If you don't like this [bleepin'] post, you can [bleep] yourself, you piece of [bleep].

I agree with you 100%. I would give about anything to trade managers with the White Sox. Managers are so boring these days, like you said. Ozzie is definately a breath of fresh air.

The White Sox's GM was on the Dan Patrick show yesterday, and totally sticking up for him, as well. It sounds like the White Sox have a solid organization--I think players appreciate honesty, and you know you're getting that with the Sux.
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