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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Double Header...

Yesterday's Cubs double-header could not have summed up the Cubs more perfectly. Play one game just awfully, next game look like one of the best teams in all of MLB. God, they're frustrating.

In particular, Kerry Wood is frustrating. Good Lord. Here's his line from yesterday:

6.2 IP 9 H 7R 6ER 2 BB (wow, that is shocking--good work) 6 K 3 HR.

Now, I have never been a pitcher, so I'm not going to act like I know everything about it. I understand that you're going to have a bad outing now and again. But for the life of me, I do NOT understand Kerry Wood. How can you have some of the most electric stuff in the world, and not be able to string together 2 (2!!!) good starts in a row? All I know is, as much as I hate the guy, the Cubs need to pay Roger Clemens whatever amount of money he asks for after he retires to do nothing but work with Kerry Wood (hat tip to sambuca84 for this idea). That's it. "Roger, here's $2 million, all you have to do is tell Kerry how to pull his head out of his ass. Can you do that?" Anyways...

Second game, as I mentioned, was a totally different game. The Cubs dominated from the beginning, and, as is their method of operation, used up all their offense in one day. Derek Lee, of the Cubs and Glenallen Hills, brought in 5 RBI's, including a home run. But, obviously, the real story was Mark Prior. Here's his line:

6 IP 4 H 0 R 0 ER 1 BB 6 SO 0 HR

Granted, I am waiting for "BREAKING NEWS" on the Score in Chicago today, saying that his elbow fell off overnight, but I'm pretty happy for right now. He had great stuff, and really wasn't even throwing his breaking pitches. He was just locating fastballs and pitching pretty dominantly.

I also liked what I saw from Jerry Hairston, Jr. He plays real hard, seems to be pretty talented on defense. Of course, he came over in a trade, which means he is not one of "Dusty's Guys," and Neifi Perez gets starts in front of him. In front of a PROMISING ATHLETE WHO IS FAST AND GETS ON BASE! Anyways, Jerry went 2-4 in the double-header, also drawing a walk and scoring twice.

Hey Buddy, give up some props on the Roger Clemens proposition.
I didn't watch the games but I did notice Hairston's line. The Cubs are gonna be fine, who isn't thrilled with DLee right now? I'm not sure they're gonna make the playoffs but there's no reason they won't be in the hunt.
sambuca, sorry, I totally meant to put you in there. I'll fix that.

Pete, you're probably right. And a full season of DLee doing what DLee does would be incredible, not to mention he would for sure make the All-Star team.

Also, Pete, you hitting up some Dort's with us for a while tonight?
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