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Friday, April 29, 2005


I have a gaping hole in my life right now, and I don't see it being filled anytime soon. It's everything that I want, but don't have access to. I can taste the juice but can't actually see the fruit. I can hear about it's glory, but never be connected to its realness. And finally I can see its wonderful advertisement's, but can't buy into its programming....

That's right Heavy Souler's....I'm talking about ESPNU!!!! It is driving me crazy right now (the next two night's worth of NU/OU baseball games being on it aren't going to help any either) that I can't see this wonderful station. I am absolutely thrilled that ESPN has a dedicated College Sports only station, but I am miserable about not being able to get it. I dream of nights in the future of seeing such wonderful spectacles as hockey's "Frozen Four", the NCAA Lacrosse Championships, and maybe even a men's volleyball game. It's going to be grand if I can ever get access to it.
Which brings me to my real point of this.....WHY IN GOD'S NAME IS FRIGGIN' ESPNU ONLY OFFERED ON THE GODDAMN DISH NETWORK???????? This is my biggest annoyance in life right now.

EZT: if this were on DISH, and not direcTV, GA Hill & I would have this void filled, but it's not on DISH, yet.
It is in fact on DirecTV, but I don't have it....
Thanks for the correction...either way it blows arse
It’s great to see good information being shared.
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