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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Food for Thought...

Is it cool to go to prom as a 20 year old? Is it cool to go to a college formal as a 25 year old? Is there a difference?

And yes it sucks about Nomar, but maybe spending some time at home with Mia rubbing his groin will remind him how to hit.

There is one very significant difference. In the case of going to prom as a 20 year old, 15 (or 17) will get you 20, this is usually not the case in college.

And I will add, there is NO FORMAL for this guy. Have fun this weekend EZT, I'll be at Hawks Field, sitting comfortably while watching the game. Of course you'll be getting a good exercise by walking over the bridge countless times.
Should we give Danny Whitney a call about this one? He has some first-hand insight on this issue.

EZT, give me a call if you want Donnie's number, I'm sure he'd be glad to talk you though this.
It is cool to do either if butt is involved.
Cool stuff.
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