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Saturday, April 23, 2005

If the Royals were contracted would anyone notice?

I have hit the age in my life where I have began to rethink some of my life decisions. You may ask yourself what brought this on, it was a comment that ‘The Rod’ a fellow KC fan dropped on me last night. He told me that he is secretly hoping that a KC Royal player is busted soon for steroid use. I was hooked I wanted to know why ‘The Rod’ would want this to happen to an already thin line up. His answer was simple, if a Royals player was on the juice it would mean that they actually care about playing baseball and that they are sacrifice suspensions to become better. Son of a Bitch if that did not hit home has anyone seen these ass clowns play, can anyone name four players on this team.

We all know that David Glass and Allard Baird are laughing their way to the bank, but I will be damned if this in not a lovable bunch of losers. Angel Berroa who was ALROY in 2003 was sent up to KC not because he was ready but because he was a victim of one of the Dominicans favorite pastime of lying on the birth certificate, the front office was willing to groom this 19 year old for a couple years, but when they found out he was 25 he was on the first bus out of Omaha. Then there is John Buck, this time last year Mr. Buck was playing Double A ball for Houston, now he is the face for the Royals last week the Royals had a t-shirt give away, it was a John Buck T-shirt night, that is who KC sees as their f***ing star, it is disgusting (on a side note I do enjoy John Buck, but in no way should this guy be considered a star.) It is more then evident that KC has turned into the farm system for the MLB so here is a scouting report for you, David DeJesus lacks power for a center fielder but is four tool player, Zack Greinke has amazing control for a 21 year old not overpowering stuff but a under used 60 mph curveball that keeps batter true. Then there is one player I have problems understanding and I wish we can trade him to a contenter this summer, and that man is Mike Sweeney, I have been told numerous times I should like this guy, I do not see it that way, (I did enjoy seeing him blow up the Twins catcher on Thursday) but I see this guy who has played almost 200 games the past two seasons and is just eating up 1/3 of KC record setting $36 million payroll. He is a mediocre fielder, above average bat, and a back the Fred Taylor’s groining taunts. My favorite memory of Mike Sweeney is when then Manager Tony Muser said and I quote “I would rather have a player who stays out late taking tequila shots then a player who baby sits teammates children” damn I like Pena but I miss Muser.

On a side note I do enjoy the Chiefs Derrick Johnson draft even though Carolina stole Thomas Davis moments prior.

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