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Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Man Crush

After my final yesterday, I decided I needed to buy some movies to cheer myself up after getting so profusely kicked in the balls. The three movies I bought: Spanglish, Ocean's Twelve, and Blade Trinity. Now, I know what you guys are thinking, "Why in the hell would you buy a really crappy Wesley Snipe's movie?" I'll let you guys in on something. Ryan Reynolds is the coolest guy in Hollywood. For those of you not familiar, he played Van Wilder in National Lampoons Van Wilder. Granted Blade movies overall are pretty much dogshit. However, Reynolds not only made this movie watchable, he gave me several laugh out loud moments. The scenes between him and Parker Posey, who plays a bitchy head vampire, are simply superb. How this guy isn't catching a million lead roles is simply mind boggling. He was great in Van Wilder and the tv show Two Guys and a Girl, which still airs on Oxygen or WE or one of those stations. Just thought I'd share my immense love for this guy's humongous talent. And no, I'm not gay. And yes, I would have sex with him.

EDIT: And yes, you know what programs they run on Oxygen and WE. Holy shit, Big Boi. Don't put this kind of stuff out on the flipping INTERNET! This is something you say in confession, for God's sake! GA HILL

What is this? A man crush on Ryan Reynolds? I mean, I thought he was funny in Van Wilder, but "man crush" status is usually reserved for people like George Clooney and Johnny Depp. . .not Ryan Reynolds, for God's sake.
Yeah, the goods is completely right here--I meant to throw that in the edit. George Clooney? No one's going to be hatin' on that one. But Ryan Reynolds is beyond a stretch here.

Congrats on the worst post in Heavy Soul history...and that is saying something.
I would like to say it's noble to have a man crush on a fringe character. Kudos on going out of the norm for your man crush.
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