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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Oh my God!

Somehow I have now assumed the mantle of most irresponsible and drunkest of our friends. Now I won't make such a bold statement without backing it up, and granted half of you are far enough away that I shouldn't make such broad generalizations. Tonight, Therick told me he needed to leave after A BEER because he had to work tomorrow morning. GA Hill had already gone home by that point. Delusional KC and Pete didn't even want to come out tonight. I stayed out with Paul (Fucking Paul!), who drank Pepsi and played darts with me (and stayed out later than I did). Granted I'm home by midnight, but I have class before MIB has to work and he goes home early from the bar. I'm not in the least blaming the MIB, because I totally respect the fact that he wanted to go home and go to bed. I'm questioning why it is that I'm willing to stay out when GA Hill and the MIB aren't, and I have to get up earlier than either. In college it was always the reverse. Maybe it's because I'm still in school, whereas they have to work long hours. It's really not that big of a deal, nevermind. (On a humorous note, GA Hill was stumbling when he left)
On to something more positive, tomorrow is the big UNL v. CU game. For all who are coming, we are setting up a tailgate, call me for details.
Finally, for anyone missing the pure sound of a random white guy singing gangsta rap, check out Ben Folds' version of "Bitches Ain't Shit." Also, O.A.R.'s live cd, "34th & 8th," is pretty good if you don't already own it.
Long live the 7:30 class!
Love, your friend,
Big Boi

Sorry guys. I'll try to stop posting drunken gibberish when I get home from the bars. Also apologies to GA Hill, MIB, KC, and Pete for being better people than I was on a monday night.
I just don't know where you got the "stumbling" from; I was fine.
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