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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The reinfiltration of my lungs

So, I'm sorry that I told everone that I had a collapsed lung. Turns out I did not have one. Boo fucking hoo. Thanks for all of the support. I would rather be wounded. Which leads to me to the ideas:

Dear God,

Please make me a girlifriend. I would ask outright but it asks further questions. I would ask you to buy me a girlfriend but it is illegal and against your morals as the son of God. Also, making a girlfriend would seem a little close to Gary and Wyatt from Weird Science. Kelly LeBrock would do the job. Not this dirty hooker you have now trying to remember your middle name.

I mean look. I'm hot. I use Axe Body Wash. I mosturize my face. I've shaved down to my neckline. Anyone who doesn't like me know has only the music to like me for. And that's fine because I like more music than you do. So bring it.

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Holy crap, how drunk WERE you when you typed this out?
wow, that was painful to read. MIB should not drink as much.
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