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Monday, May 23, 2005

"...doesn't mean I don't care."

Living a life of convenience makes it difficult to post frequently. I have no poignant knowledge to drop on all y'all, just thought I'd give everyone a little taste of what's running through my noodle.

I have a pseudo-date lined up for tomorrow's The Good Life show. Even I can't wait to see how I botch this one. I'm completely in over my head on this one. Granted, I met her at an after hours party where she was one of four ladies. And it was pretty dark. And I was pretty drunk. Real drunk. But I fought off the four other suitors to grab this lady's digits. She talks a mean indie rock game. Comes from a small town. Works at a museum. Neither quick-footed nor quick-witted, it took me a while to plant the seed of a follow-up hangout with this girl. Like the Tortoise, I passed all of the other suitors on the side of the road and finally balled up and got Mary's phone number. Amazed that she handed it out, I called her bluff on the phony looking phone number. She countered with an "Oh, yeah? Why don't you call me and find out?" Hells yeah. So I did. And her phone rang. I won. 1-0. Things looked pretty damn good.

Then it happened. In conversation, ages begin to get mentioned. I happen to still be eligible for The Real World. She happens to be 27. And she says that as if it's a bad thing. She calls me a young pup. Really? Needless to say, everyone walked to their own cars that night.

Then it happened. Again. In what's to become my trademark move, I leave the drunken message. "Um, I'm really sorry if you thought I was making fun of you for being 27, 'cause I wasn't. This is Rick. From tonight. Sorry."

I play it off partially because I didn't remember it, but also partly because I never hear back from the girls to let me know how much of an idiot I am. But less than 12 hours after ruining any chance, something fantastic happened.


Turns out she likes sleeping all day on Sundays. Sweet. Turns out her roommate and her still want to go to the show. Awesome. I guess I'll see her tomorrow and probably embarrass myself. Routine.

Check back in about three weeks for details on the painfully awkward dissolution.

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