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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Dream is Done....

My new blog is going to be over before it started. I like this guy's concept so much more that I just feel inadequate now....


Seriously, I can't even compete.


Just chalk this up to more evidence of your genius. People are always having the same ideas that you have and they go on to be rollicking successes. This happens to me all the time as well. It just proves that if we'd actually take the chance we could do something really exciting. Keep the dream alive!
Is this in reference to that damn bottling tap water idea that you and Birch thought was so brilliant?
EZt, I think you're referring to hose water, which hasn't been mentioned on this blog since about the first week of it's inception.
anonymous...thank God.
Oh, and who the hell are you? You clearly know what is going on with this site, and I presume that you know us. If you just happen to be a reader, good stuff. No big deal, just curious.

However, if it is a contributor, and they are too lazy to log in DIRECTLY BELOW WHERE YOU LEAVE A COMMENT, we have problems.
It wasn't that I was too lazy, it's just that I got a new laptop while gone for a week, and all of my cookies were erased. I was busy enough yesterday/early this morning that retreiving/remembering my username/password was a nuissance.
Thanks for this info, this issue has been bugging me like crazy for the last couple of days.
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