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Monday, May 16, 2005

Fortenberried with Vitamin D-Bag

Did anyone see the World-Herald article? This guy is a first rate clownshoe. First of all, he has to be one of only two people in the world with four girls under the age of 10, the other being Shawn Kemp. I loved the quote that was something like, "If keeping a low profile was one of his goals, it's certainly been accomplished." The lesson, as always, it pays to have an R in parentheses next to your name.

Which reminds me, Pete sends out a gigantic deuce on the carpet of Nebraska politics right now. Why must we, along with Kansas, continue to do things to make every other state pee their pants with laughter? I'm actually glad that Kansas is going through this evolution thing because it overshadows the fact that we are going to elect a governor with an impressive resume of 3 National Championships and introducing legislation to stop unscrupulous sports agents and liquor ads during college football games (booze rules!). What a joke.

Oh I know what'll get people to stop talking about that, let's make conceal and carry laws and browbeat homosexuals even more! Done in the last two weeks. When that's over with, let's make a constitutional amendment to protect hunting and fishing. We've done that in the last two months.

I can't wait until we run out of ridiculous ideas to make us look more like yokels and set progress back approximately 30 years. The evolution will not be televised.

Pete, I am with you. I couldn't believe that Osborne had already garnered something like 62% approval (to heineman's 20 somehting and a fair amount of undecideds) just by announcing that he was going to run.

Also, I was coming home from southern Nebraska a couple of weeks ago, and just happened to turn into a Kansas christian radio station. The topics of discussion were rediculous. They were celebrating the state's recent "No" vote on gay marriage, saying that they were able to spread God's word, dispite all the professors and college students at KU and KSU who "think they know everything because they are educated." God forbid people become educated and God forbid we use tax payers money to pay professors to educate students with teachings so obviously against the word of God.

There were also references to Margaret Sanger being Hitler, illegal immigrants having more rights in America than it's citizens, and of course how they couldn't believe the government let Terri Shaivo "starve to death."

To top it all off, at the end they were complaining about far-right christain extremists. I didn't think you could get more right-wing christian nut-job, but apparently in Kansas you can.

Anyway, just thought I would add a little to your rant.
For the record....I for one am happy that Fortenberry is in office for one simple reason:
The D-bag is no longer employed at the Sandbox because of it.
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