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Saturday, May 14, 2005


First off, I'm not sure I spelled that word right, in fact I probably didn't but I'm not willing to put in the effort to research this. But I have just a few comments, facts, and various things to add.

1. You can download the Wilco Enhanced EP off their website. It kicks ass, check it out.

2. Chapter 400 of my uncoordinated life: On Wednesday, I was enjoying a beautiful, windy 40 degree Wrigley Field. In about the 6th inning, my nemesis Henry Blanco hit a foul ball in our direction. I set my beer down, then realizing the ball is going to land about 2 rows behind us, I make a lunge/dive for it and fall over my seat into the row behind us. This is okay, b/c the stadium was essentially empty. But when I slipped, I place kicked my beer all over the guy in front of me, then had the ball deflect off my hand to some other guy. It was a lifetime lowlight for me.

3. Other features of the greatest weekend ever in June.

- I will defeat Pete in mini-golf at his home course in Carter Lake, IA, despite having only played the course once.

- A keg in EZ-T and I's shower at Bill's wedding.

4. Dusty Baker said he named a closer when Dempster was hurt, but he didn't want to tell the media who it was. This guy is absolutely wearing me out.

5. I miss Kyle Farnsworth.

6. I don't know what purportedly means.

purportedly - believed or reputed to be
I thought that was "reportedly". . .
pretty much same thing, go to dictionary.com
Is this the kind of crap you have to learn to take the LSAT?
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