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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Thank God for the Federal Courts

For the first time you will now hear me thank the almighty for there being a federal court system. Last week, District Judge Joseph Bataillon ruled in Nebraska district court that Nebraska's ban on gay marriage was unconstitutional as it violated both equal protection and due process. I hope this stands up because our constitution is being degraded with the same sex ban being included on it. The ban reads: "Only marriage between a man and a woman shall be valid or recognized in Nebraska" and prohibits "uniting of two persons of the same sex in a civil union, domestic partnership or other similar same-sex relationship." Congratulations Nebraska, We outdid Texas in creating a biased, outlandishly rednecked constitutional ban on gay marriage. In fact, we outdid everybody. Ours is the only marriage ban that could conceivably keep gay couples from living in the same house. Same sex partners can't adopt their partner's children in the state of Nebraska, so if the one parent dies, the children go to foster care or relatives rather than a person they consider their parent. Good job Nebraska! Well, thank you Joseph Bataillon for at least indicating to most of Nebraska what stupid, biggoted rednecks they are. Of course, this will probably get overturned on appeal and my party is going to ram some federal same-sex marriage ban through Congress, so I'll probably only get to be happy about this for a couple of months. Sometimes I really hate Republicans. Well, at least I actually want other people to have rights unlike 70% of the voters in NE. GODDAMN FUCKING REDNECKS!

I love a rare instance where the Big Boi and I agree on things (actually not that uncommon on social issues). But seriously Todd, how are Nebraskans supposed to live if there are a couple of queers living together 100 miles away....I mean seriously. I know I can't live like that.
An intellectual rebuttal to Big Boi's completely out-of-line rant:

You guys sound like a couple of gays. Think of the possibilities of prohibiting gay cohabitation. They would have to buy twice the decorations and pay twice the rent or mortgage, thus stimulating a weak economy. Seriously, this is such a positive, but I fear temporary, statement to Middle America.
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