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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Trip update...

Alright, quick update on the Chi-city-Cincy-Chi-city trip I'm on.

1. I am 7-0 going to Cubs games over the last two seasons. Not sitting in the bleachers was, suprisingly, not too bad. Also, Jeromy Burnitz had the big hit in the 8th on Tuesday. I still hate him.
2. npgage and I can have a conversation consisting of the exact same situation using the exact same arguments for approximately two hours.
3. Great American Ballpark is the nicest stadium I have ever been to. Would I rather go to Wrigley? Of course. But the Club Seating there was just out of this world. I will post pictures next week sometime.
4. COMMON, "Be" came out on Tuesday. It is currently fighting for the #1 album in the country, which is shocking. But the Virgin Megastore on Michigan Ave. sold over 50 before noon. They are predicting that he will have sold 250K-300K copies in the first week, which is just shocking. But there is no more deserving MC out there--and the album is all that I cracked it out to be.
5. Speaking of Common, number #4,585 reason I want to live in Chicago: Common and the Roots will be playing in Chicago for a combined 6 times over the next week. I'll give you a wild estimate of how many times they will play in Nebraska over the next 10 years: zero.
6. Chicago-style hot dogs rule. I have never had one, because they contain my two mortal enemies of food: tomatoes and relish. But, Sweet Jesus, are they good.

npgage: Give me a call tomorrow.

Is anyone else confused by #6 on this list? "I've never had one. . . .but, Sweet Jesus, they are good". This statement is in total conflict with itself and might need some explaining, GA.
On that same note, the npgage "call me" comment was boarderline homosexual. You should have just wrote something along the lines of "npgage I know we are both embaressed by what happened the other night but if you want to talk to me ever again, you need to make the first move" You have a phone, does the outgoing call function not work?
I will point out that before GAHill's alleged seven game winning streak, he lost an NLCS game.

I however, am currently riding a 5 game winning streak in the 2005 season. I haven't lost since opening day.
The Cubs may be on a 5 game win streak during your attendance, but you are currently on a one game foul ball botched streak as well...
OK...goods, I meant that I never had one before. I forced myself to have a Chicago dog, and loved it.

I put on there for npgage to call me because I knew he was at work, and since I lost my phone out the window, I no longer have people's work numbers. Thought that would be the easiest way.

My now EIGHT game winning streak is for 2004 and 2005. You forget that I was at that 4 game sweep in Houston last season.
As for times the Roots/Common will play in NE over next 10 years = 0, that's a damn shame. I'll just remind you that I attended the Roots/Beck in Omaha back in '97, it was sweet. The beat box guy was with the roots too.
Sorry, that last anon comment came from Sambuca, while gone over the last week, the computer gods granted me a new laptop, and now I have lost my username/password to this site.
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