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Saturday, May 14, 2005

who do you root for?

Last night I got a late phone call from Pete that got me thinking (by the way, a late phone call when you are old and married is 11:45). He was calling to let me know that there were some fantastic Cliff Floyd highlights on television -- he had two home runs -- and that he was having a career year. You see, a number of summers ago when Pete and I lived in NP, we sort of became enamored with Cliff Floyd. At the time Floyd was playing for Florida, and wasn't much of a household name. The guy was a stud in the field and solid at the plate, and for some reason we just gravitated toward him eventhough he was not on either of your favorite teams. Today, Floyd has made more of a name for himself in New York, but I still like to root for the guy. He is not too flashy, not a huge star, just a solid player. And though he doesn't play for the White Sox, I like to see him do well.

So, the question is: Who do you root for? Who is a player you find yourself quietly rooting for eventhough they are not big stars and don't play for your favorite team?

Barry Zito is another player I like to root for. Though he hasn't had great success the last two seasons, the guys curveballs are absolutely ridiculous, they start at eye level and end up in the dirt. I love to watch those suckers fall out of the sky.

While somehow it is now cliche (I can't figure out how to add an accent mark), I root for the Red Sox. However, the player I root for is Richie Sexson for the Mariners. Ok, the guy is like 7 feet tall, lanky, and plays his heart out. He's already one of the clubhouse leaders of that team and he's been there for like five months. What's not to like? Secretly, I also root for Eric Munson, even though I broke up with his cousin and he isn't affiliated with any club right now. He was voted to the all-time slowest team by ESPN.com. If I can't sympathize with that guy, who else could I? Plus he paid for like a $1500 dinner in which I accumulated $500 of the check. Plus, I drank with him until like 4am at his sister's wedding. That guy's solid in my book no matter if Jen's his cousin. I also root for the fuck-up Cubs in the NL, despite the fact that I only like one player on the team: Prior.
Nice, BB...your favorite player for the Cubs is the biggest pussy on the team. Shocking choice from you.

(just kidding, just kidding)

I'll tell you who I root for...


Actually, in all seriousness, two guys that kind of fit the bill that I root for is Darren Erstad and Mad Vlad. Now, Erstad isn't that suprising--he's a Nebraska boy, and is a typical Nebraskan--blue collar, roll-up-your-sleeves-and-do-what's-best-for-the-team guy. And is just damn solid.

Everyone knows about Vlad now, obviously. But, due to MIB, from the first time that I saw him play for the Expos, I loved him. There is just something exciting about a guy that goes up to the plate and swings as hard as he can. The difference with him and say, oh, I don't know, Sammy Sosa is that Vlad MAKES CONTACT AND DOESN'T STRIKE OUT OFTEN (sorry--my head started to explode thinking about Sammy...it takes a while still to remember that he isn't a Cub anymore and it doesn't matter--the electroshock therapy will kick in one of these days). Plus that cannon of an arm the guy has is always exciting to watch, as well (except when Wavin' Wendall Kim is having someone like Greg Maddux TEST VLAD'S ARM!!!! ARRRRGGGG!!! STOP SHOCKING ME! whew, sorry, Wavin' Wendall is gone, too.)

That's right. Esteban Loaiza!
I'm with the big boi, just because I like to say Big Sexson when Richie is at the plate.

Beyond that, I'm a big Tim Wakefield fan.
Good one Gage, Wakefield is awesome. Gotta love knuckle-ballers.

Another one I thought of that I know Delusional KC Fan will be one board with is Joe Randa.
Guys I root for (besides Cliff):

Craig Biggio
Kevin Mench
Dustin Hermanson
Livan Hernandez (Marla Hooch, what a hitter!)
Marcus Giles
Mark Loretta (consumate pro hitter)

Guys I hate:

Ryan Klesko
Jose Valentin
Kerry Wood
Players to root for:

Zach Day, P, Nationals (young, goofy, and tall)

B.J. Upton, SS, D-Rays (young, goofy, and short. Imagine if Avery Johnson played shortstop and hit the shit out of the ball.)

Rocco Baldelli, Carl Crawford, OF, D-Rays (Baldelli's a 6-4 centerfielder who should be on The Sopranos and Crawford is a former Nebraska football recruit who would have been the best left handed dual threat quarterback this side of Ron Mexico.)

Eric Byrnes, OF A's (Guy plays his dick off everyday. He's not great. Not even good. Batting ninth on a team whose batting average hovers dangerously close to the Mendoza line says something. But this guy swings hard, runs hard, and falls down hard.)

Players to hate:

Craig Wilson, 1B-OF Pirates (Kinda like Byrnes but plays more ugly and has a greasy mullet.)

The New York Yankees (Helluva time to go on a 8 game win streak. Dicks.)

Rich Aurilia. Don't know why but I hate this guy. If you are going to be this big and play SS, make it in beer league softball.

Kirk Gibson. For the same reason GA Hill hates Christian Laettner. Way to make an 8 year old cry, you big asshole.
Since we seem to now be posting who we hate, I thought I would chime in.

I hate:

A-Rod -- the reasons are numerous. The main one is that when he was with Texas he would complain about not having enough supporting talent, but when asked if he would take a pay cut to free up money for the organization to bring people in he said No. It is no wonder teams get better with his departure (mariners, rangers).

Sammy Sosa -- enough said.

Rick Ankiel -- I didn't care the first time he threw it to the backstop, I sure as hell don't care the 50th time. Good luck in the outfield Rick. Fans in the 20th row better watch out.

Finally, I am on the fence with Curt Shilling -- just shut up and throw the damn baseball.
Wow, what a great question.

My list includes

Khalil Green
Michael Young
(and any other young white ss in the league as well)
Oliver Perez
Melvin Mora
Bob Abreu
Rob Mackowiak

And finally a man that no longer plays in the MLB, but is currently a Giant, a Tokyo Giant. A man we all know as the "smoken Samoan" or the "Flyin Hawaiian"
Benny "the Jet" Agbayani.
Players I enjoy:

Like Napa said, there is not a finer man that hold down the hot corner as Joe Randa.

One guy that I can not get enough of is the D-Train, Dontrelle Willis the guy is pure energy.

The Big Donkey Adam Dunn.

Matsui and Ichiro both amaze me

Players that make me vomit:

Pete and I had the discussion regarding Klesko, I think it would be rather hard to find a Klesko fan in this nation.

Sorry Napa but A.J. Pierzynski is on my list of guys I would like to Donkey Punch.

Last one on my list is Michelle Sweeney, he is a Royal, he is a good guy, but he is a liability on the field, his back is weaker then a Griffrey hamstring, and his constant bitching is starting to catch on in the KC clubhouse.
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Slow day at work today so I made my all time "God I hate that Guy" team.
Playing catcher and captian of the team JIM LEYRITZ. Probable my most hated ball player of all time. Everything about him just pisses me off. and for the rest of the starting line up
1b- Big Mac
2b- Fernando Vina
SS- Derek Jeter
3b- Kevin Orie (he tried to kill me once)
of- Albert Bell
of- Carlos Beltran
of- Gary Shefield
SP- Kevin Brown
RP/CL- John Rocker
Agent- Scott Boras
Let me chime in...
Guys I root for:
Miguel Cabrera (talk about a baby face...you just want to hug the kid)
Wily Mo Pena (great name, great hair, great big swing)
Carlos Lee (most underrated outfielder in the game)
Finally, i realize i'll get scolded for this but Rafael Furcal (he obviously loves to booze, spends more time in the wonderful Atlanta strip clubs than even Andruw Jones does, and watching him throw a cannon from deep short to first turns me on more than any woman ever has)

One player I HATE:
Huston Freakin' Street...I've never been more pissed to be at a baseball game than when I was actually in attendance of his major league debut earlier this year. The only thing that excites me about him is that he has two younger brothers currently on the Texas baseball team that are terrible in comparison and will be much easier to heckle, I can't wait.
Another player I love to root for is Ben Sheets. He's a great pitcher stuck in a crappy organization.

I also admire the level of performance that The Rocket brings to the mound at his age.

Other players I admire:

Hank Blalock (Great Porn name too) 3B - Rangers. Look for A-Gord to be the next great left handed big bat in the MLB.

Cocoa Crisp - No other reason than the name.

Jason Varitek - Great leader, this guy 100% deserves the 'C' on the jersey.
Scott Podsednik - Love this guy, plays his ass off. He's a much better version of Eric Byrnes.
Dick Harden - Self explanitory.
Ricky Botallico - Just because.

Guys to dislike:

Phil Nevin, Jeff Kent, Yankees, Jose Reyes, Vinny Cash-Steala.
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