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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Amigos: More than just early morning munchies...

So recently, and I mean within the past year, Amigo's took another shot at this whole fast food breakfast thing. They tried it once about 4 years ago, and it fizzled out. But this time, they mean business. You're probably thinking in your head right now: "Wait a second, the same Amigo's that I've never ate at both a. Sober, and b. before midnight?" Well, yes, this is the same one, and now, Breakfast is their best meal of the day.

It's actually quite amazing, they have what you'd expect, a wide variety of Breakfast burritos, but they also have traditional breakfast items, such as bacon & eggs. But I'll start with the burritos, which are truly fabulous.

First of all, get this through your head, Amigo's took this breakfast thing very seriously, no messing around. They have several different kinds of breakfast burritos, all contain egg, cheese, sauce, and meat of choice. Among the meats are Carne Asada (steak), Barbacoa (shredded beef), Carnitas (pork), Bacon, Chorizo (mexican sausage) and regular sausage. This guy has hit for the cycle of burritos, I had to, how else could I tell you which one is the best? But I can tell you that hands down, the Carne Asada = www.thebomb.com. Barbacoa is a close second, but the Carne is just succulent as could be. If you want to play it safe, the bacon is a popular choice as well. If you are like me, and want to hit for the cycle, definitely make the Carnitas your last choice, it's okay, but lacks the saucy goodness of the others.

But like I said before, we're not just talking about Breakfast Burritos. Another Sandbox favorite is something we call "Between the Sheets." If you're not in the mood for the burrito, this is a good stand by. It's just biscuits & gravy, but between the b & g is an egg cooked to order, which is just awesome. If you want to get real crazy, have them sprinkle bacon on top, but I've always been content with just the play Sheets combo.

Another surprisingly delicious item are the buttermilk pancakes. Going rate is currently $0.79 per flap jack, and they are NICE sized too, not those crappy McD's cakes. They literally melt in your mouth. 2 of them and you're good to go. Another popular item is their skillets, which I hear are nothing short of spectacular, but I'm so pleased with the other items, that I've yet to venture onto that avenue.

Finally, the greatest thing about Amigo's breakfast is the prices. Burritos typically go for $1.50 for bacon or sausage, $2 for Steak, beef or pork, or this week, everything is 2 for 1...needless to say the Sandbox is flying through the burritos this week. Between the sheets runs for $2, and 2 flapjacks are less than that, basically you're going away satisfied for right around $2. What a deal.

So I must say, the next time you're in Lincoln during the morning hours, especially if you're hung over, check out your local Amigos. They're basically on every corner in the star city, and they'll blow your mind.

Sambuca nailed this one...
One thing he left out that has touched my heart are the omelets they make...unbelievable deal...A huge omelet with various toppings...a large chunk of breakfast potatoes with some excellent seasoning and 2 slices of toast or pancakes...
All of that for about $4, its a small slice of heaven.
I'm pretty sure that the ONE Amigos in Omaha does not offer a breakfast menu. They do have stale donuts, however.
While I have become erect by reading about food before, this was one intense food borne boner. Great job, Sambuca.
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