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Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Heavy Goodbye...

to Heavy Soul contributor (or very infrequent contributor) WD40 who is giving his virginity away to a lovely lady on Saturday night after his wedding (even though they have been living in sin for 2 years, I'm sure nothing has happened).

Pour out a little liquor.

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I think it would be appropriate that in this thread we all write about our best Single Bill memory...

Mine all starts with the first lady love of Bill's way back in our first month of college...ah yes "The Trash Monster"...Ashley. Bill was so proud of this little conquest. It quickly went downhill when he figured out how psycho that chick was...but oh how he loved the late night call for a Trash Monster quickie.

RIP "The Hammer"
Yeah, it was fun knowing you, Hammer.
Yeah, I am really thinking I will miss myself alot as well. For any members of heavy soul that are thinking about getting married, come visit me in the next 24 hours and I will kick you in the balls and we can then go hurl our lifeless broken bodies into a bar and get piled up.
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