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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hey White Boy....

This guy is great. Oh, and by the way before certain posters freak out. I would be happy to say that I agree the Republican party is pretty much White and Christian.

Can Howard Dean stay as your chair through the next presidential election? Please? The guy just makes it too easy.

And yes, it is totally white. I mean, just look at Bush's cabinet--2 Hispanics, 2 Asian, 2 African-Americans...in fact, less than half of that cabinet is white men.
Just because Bush found 2 African-Americans and appointed them to his cabinet does not mean that the Republican party is not mostly white. I don't think this kind of logic really holds up. Do you think Bush might have appointed all of these minorities for a reason?
Whatever helps you sleep at night GA. The fact is that there are fundamental problems with every political party (Republican, Democratic, Green, whatever) Any attempt to justify one party by bashing another, or using a logic that obviously doesn't hold up is ludicrous.

Both parties are made up of white christians. If they weren't there would not be such a push to get the "black vote." Both parties lobby to appeal to minority voters, because neither party has a significant minority base.
Whoa, easy there, fellers. I do this stuff to fire up the likes of Gage and Pete. I think both parties don't have a goddamned clue of what's going on in the real world, and the state of American politics is in complete shambles--and that's putting it nicely.

In response to goods--I have to disagree with you. Bush has a track record of doing this. My point is that the Democrats always claim that they're the "diverse" party, yet Bush has been the one his entire political career that has actually stepped up to the plate and given minorities vital roles in American/Texas politics. Not to mention that the Hispanic vote took a huge swing towards Republicans this election, and that trend will likely continue in the future. There was also a considerable swing in African-American voters.

I guess my point is that the Democratic Party has taken for granted the minority vote for years and years, and this year, it came back to bite them in the ass. And I think it will continue to do so until they start backing up all their talk.
Hispanics are Catholics, Catholics are conservative.
That is the biggest reason for sure, Pete. But doesn't cover the "white" part.
As much fun as it is to claim that we are fundamentally different, when we were raised in small Midwestern communities, we really are not that different. However, I do not like Big Boi, GA Hill and their honky, blued-eyed devil ways.
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