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Friday, June 03, 2005

I hate Danny Kolb

Good god, this guy is the sole reason for the recent rapid hair loss i have been incurring. How do you go from saving 30 games in 3 consecutive years for the F'ing Brewers to blowing 33% of your chances with the Braves??????? It's mind boggling and its time for Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz to send him packing. If they don't Mazzone is going to throw his back out from the double time on his bobbing back and forth.
This is 3rd time this year that he has blown a 3-run lead. It's one thing to blow a one-run lead save here and there, but blowing 3 run leads is NOT exceptable in the Braves organization.
Look at these #'s....i just puked on myself.
Record: 1-5
ERA: 7.29
Opp. BA: .302
21 Inn. pitched
Walks: 19
Runs: 17
Hits: 26

For god's sake, send him to Richmond or to the Cubs, I don't care which....Just get him as far away from Atlanta as possible.

It is weird--typically pitchers get better when they go to the Braves.

That said, I think it is funny.
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