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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm rich biatch

Well, the MIB birthday week is in full swing and, as predicted, I've sunk to a level of debauchary where few have been before. Last night MIB and I were going to just hang out and have a few drinks and save the partying for tonight. Yeah right. We randomly bumped into Bowens and one of her work buddies, drank until one, went to Iowa til two, drank at our apartment until the girls left at three, and then went to the boats. And no, there were no Treat sightings. However, I won seven hundred bucks, reopened the bar at 6 AM, and finally stumbled into daylight at 9. How I did all that on a goddamn Tuesday is anyone's guess. Well, I gotta take a shower as Rick wants to go out before 9 and GA Hill is joining in the monstrosity that is the MIB's birthday. You can all visit me in the hospital tomorrow, flowers are most appreciated. (I don't know how much longer I can live like this.)
Posting from the 9th circle of hell,
Big "on the liver transplant list" Boi

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