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Thursday, June 02, 2005

lol Friday...

I know I'm posting this on Thursday, but there aren't many contributors to this site that work past 5, so I feel safe.

This website is going to help get you through another Friday at the coal mine.


I found the following things increased my enjoyment of the website.

1. The video for the Planet Hollywood shows under the music section.
2. Thinking what the NBA players would think if they knew they were on this website in the gallery.
3. Sending him fan e-mail asking him to perform in Chicago. And when you submit the mail, the maximum age in the drop down box is 31. We're safe for now, but watch out.
4. Thinking about how crazy this kids mom must be.
5. Having a co-worker walk in while viewing the website, and trying to explain that it really is just a joke.

Do you actually work or do spend all day searching for random shit on the internet? Gage, how in the hell did you find this site and why did you put the link up? I just lost ten minutes of my life looking at some shitty kid singer who's going to end up a meth-head inmate bitch at Sing Sing, all because his psycho mother made a three year old belt out show tunes instead of watching Teletubbies. This kid is going to follow in the grand footsteps of Todd Marinovich. His mother should be drawn and quartered just to send a message to all those "off the deep end" parents who do this type of shit. You should really have to pass some sort of psych exam in order to have kids.
Keep in mind I'm practically blacked out right now, but I like to think that the only reason I exist is because crazy people are still allowed to breed in this country.
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