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Monday, June 06, 2005

The most disappointing MLB free agent...

I think everyone would have the knee-jerk reaction of saying Randy Johnson, which wouldn't be too far off. He is clearly not the guy he was just last year, let alone the most intimidating pitcher of the last 10 years. However, I would have to argue:

Carlos Beltran.

The guy has started real slowly. Now, I know know if this is his M.O., but here are his numbers so far this year:

.291 BA 7 HR 28 RBI 25 Runs 1 (!) SB

Compare that to the most frustrating player on the planet, Corey Patterson:

.266 BA 10 HR 20 RBI 30 Runs 7 SB

Now, Beltran has superior numbers (I use the word superior loosely here, but still). However, let's do some salary comparison:

Beltran: $11,571,429
Patterson: $2,800,000

Defensively, I would say they're about the same. The reason I point this out is because Cub fans (such as myself) bitched and moaned about not being more aggresive towards getting Beltran. Well, at this point, I'm pretty pleased with just having Patterson out there. Granted, having Burnitz in left, Patterson in right, and Beltran in center would have been a hell of a lot cooler (thanks, Sammy!), but still.

Anyways, I just thought this was interesting.

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