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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Movie Review

Tonight, I went to go see The Longest Yard...by myself. (I know, I know. The fat kid doesn't have any friends and has to go to movies by himself. Ha, Ha.) I was a big fan of the original and was actually kind of skeptical about the Adam Sandler remake. I thought it was going to be all Sandler's nyuk, nyuk stuff without any of the drama that made the original a really good movie. I had no reason to be worried. This might be one of the only remakes (besides Ocean's Eleven) that I actually found to be better than the original. Sandler's great, Chris Rock's great, god awful wrestlers like Goldberg and Stone Cold are actually good, and even fricking NELLY is good. Not to mention great cameos by Dan Patrick, Jim Rome, and a bunch of the original actors. They stayed pretty true to the original and everything that was changed made it better, for the most part. Its funny without being over the top and all of the dramatic moments are still there. Anyway, if you get a chance, go see it (preferably not by yourself cause then you couldn't make fun of me).

To add to Big Boi's post:

Where was Damon Wayans?

I give this flick a seven out of five. Hopefully I can forgo any movie that doesn't involve Hillary Duff to keep my opinions similarly dismissable.
I have seen the flick as well and thought it was great. Sandler and Rock need to do some more movies together in the future...very good flick.
Nice to hear that Chris Rock was actually in a good movie...he's my favorite comedian, but his movies usually pretty much suck.
Apparently you haven't seen Pootie Tang, man that was good.
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