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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nebraska Baseball has arrived

Well Heavy Soulers the sun came up this morning and as you can tell from me posting (I know some of you were worried about me...appreciated) I didn't commit suicide after yesterday's Husker heartbreaker. What a roller coaster ride it was, but sometimes the agony of defeat is a process in the journey to higher things. We all remember the pain of the '93 football loss to FSU that cost TO his title...but look what happened shortly there after. Boys expect similar things from the baseball program. That loss sucked last night and I would like to see Jeff Larish tested for roids before I admit defeat...but we'll rise again.
Yesterday might go down as one of the greatest CWS days ever at the 'Blatte (Baylor coming back from a 7-0 deficit to win 8-7, are you serious?) but unfortunately the trail of Husker tears was a part of it. So many questions could be made and fingers could be pointed:
-Micro Manage Mike...NPgage and I discussed this at length after the loss to Florida. Some of his decisions this week were questionable at best, no doubt...BUT let's not forget this Mike's first CWS as well...He's been money all year. He'll learn just like the players will.
-Where-o-where did our All-Americans go? Ledbetter and Gordon for the most part slumped when it mattered the most...which in some ways makes what we did even that more amazing.
-Brett Jensen pitching 3.1 innings...huh? The kid has been amazing this year but never has he thrown that long...I put this one on Childress as much as I do MA though...speaking of that you may have just saw the end of Childress as a Husker...OU and our best bud $Bill at aTm both want him.
-the list of questions could go on, but it all goes back to bullet point #1...MA probably over managed...he'll learn for next time.

To finish, here's my plea. If you aren't yet on the Husker Baseball bandwagon, hop on now...we are the baseball powerhouse of the north...Wichita St. who???? This is a program that is going to build tradition, not just a one year wonder. Titles will be won and trophy cases will continue to fill, come join the excitement. Buy season tickets, its the best purchase I made all year...for anyone that does, Tailgate beer is on me for the first big home series next year. And finally clear your calendars for the last week in May next year, we're road tripping to Oklahoma City for the Big XII tourney.

One last note for anyone that is still bashing the players and coaches today...
-NU was picked in 5th - 6th by the coaches and media in the Big XII preseason poll, this team overachieved.

What a year, can't wait for the fall...and i'm not talking Husker football, that's when we will get to see the newcomers in the Red-White series.

Great post, TJ.

I agree with what you said about MA, but I think there is more blame to be laid at the feet of Gordon/Ledbetter. Especially Ledbetter--that guy laid a HUGE egg. But that is very disappointing when the guys you don't expect to step up and do so, but the guys that are supposed to be there suck. That's never going to get you far.
I thought Anderson over-analyzed the game by constantly pinch hitting for righty-lefty matchups. Buckman, before he was lifted for one of the aforementioned matchups was 2-2, I believe, and played a flawless first base. That's just an indifferent observer's POV.

-The Rod (couldn't remember my password)
I didn't mind the pinch hitting of buckman...they guy has been a defensively liability anytime we have played him there all year and although he was 2-2, the guy has been horrid at the plate over the ever since conference play started. Buckman and Fuselier could both hit bad pitching but looked stupid all year against good pitching.
My biggest pinch hit problem was Opitz for Wehrle (your RBI leader over the last 10 games)...For the record though that substition has been happening all year and Opitz is going to be a good 2B next year..for most of the year he was more productive than Wehrle.
I loathe Ledbetter. That missed foul ball off first broke my heart and then I thought he did it again when he couldn't catch the throw from Opitz in the 9th. I hope he doesn't even make the single A team for Seattle.
I would have liked to see Duensing come in to face Larish in the 9th...
Pete, i think Watson would have been the better option but i agree, i would have like to of seen us make a change.
Oh and by the way to rub more salt in the wound...it's just now being reported that GI Johnny might have to undergo Tommy John surgery...he hurt it during the 2nd inning sunday...which may help explain his early departure and take a little hear off MA...man rought 24 hours in husker baseball.
Tommy John??? As a 18-19 year old? Wow, that is bad luck.
4th Husker in 3 years
Duensing...Timm...Watson...now Dorn
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