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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Needed more room for the RK comment

If you haven't looked at this yet, take a look before reading on: http://whowilldietoday.blogspot.com/

Now then. OH MY GOD! Hey, I just broke another commandment! Now I'm going to hell. Yeah!
No, seriously. Who the hell are these people setting the standards by which I have to live my life? I was trying to find an e-mail link just so I could send them a message that clued them in on the fact that Jesus did not write the Bible. Actually, some random dudes wrote the Gospels about 75 years after the tragic death of JC. Now don't get me wrong, but if I wanted to get a first hand account of World War II, I would read a book written by someone right around, oh I don't know, 1945. Not some account written now by some WWII vet's younger buddy who got all of his information from word of mouth. I love the fact that these Jesus freaks put all their faith in a book written by normal men. I don't want to offend anyone, but it seems totally irresponsible to me to accept every word in a book written by people 2000 years ago. Not to mention that the book itself is filled with so many irreconciable disparities. So the same God that loves all of us unconditionally was willing to bring down fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah, kill the first born of every Egyptian family, and asked his first prophet (Abraham) to kill his own son and then pulled the "I was just joking" move. Not to mention the story of Job. God makes a deal with Satan (catch that, God's making deals with the devil), where Satan can inflict as much damage and pestilence as he wants on Job and his family, and it culminates in Job's whole family being dead, his crops and wealth all gone, and he finally questions his faith. Granted God gives everything back in the end, but does that story really gel with the unconditional love God that the new testament preaches. Ok, some say that God changed between the era of the Jews and the Christians. But how can an omnipresent being, who exists throughout space and time, change? Don't get me wrong, I do believe in God. But to accept somebody else's ideas at face value because they've been written down over two millenia by somebody who couldn't even rival this blog in brain power is absolutely ludicrous to me. I know somebody is going to not appreciate this post, and I'm sorry if I've offended anyone. I just want everyone to think about their belief system and not succumb to blind faith without questioning where those ideas came from. If belief was never questioned then the Earth would still be flat, the center of the universe, and created about 11,000 years ago with human beings living at the same time as dinosaurs.

I have a C note saying RK is a republican
I disagree with Todd.
As do I, but he makes the most important point--people like the ones who run that site and that "questionairre" are a joke because EVERYONE sins. Judgemental people like them are the reason a lot of people DON'T go to church often and DON'T accept God/Christ/religion. It is too bad that one or two people like that can turn off hundreds.
Pete, shut the fuck up.
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