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Monday, June 06, 2005

Quick Notes for a Monday

1. I dismissed everyone who said that rooting for Texas in my CWS pool was going to be hard, but it's cheering for the Germans in the Normandy Invasion.

2. The 'Skers need to add a few more reserved seats if they are going to keep drawing these kinds of crowds.

3. More 'Skers: I was skeptical about how easy they would get through this regional but that was a great performace all weekend. Job well done. Chamberlain is shaky at best, though, and Miami will beat him on Friday only to be rescued by Dorn on Sat., setting up a great Sunday matinee.

4. I've never seen the Longest Yard, but it did fall under my policy of criticizing everything Big Boi says on here. Actually, I bet it is still crap. Nevermind.

5. Apparently I need to find a new hosewater partner due to silence on the end of my line from a certain Chicagoan.

6. Meagan Rama is in town tonite, for those in the area who are interested.

Another suggestion for Haymarket: put up a solid fence around the outfield so we don't have strung-out, atomic B.O. dudes standing behind us calling the ENTIRE GAME ON HIS CELL PHONE!

And this wasn't keeping his buddy on the other line abreast of what was happening. No, it was:

(In cheesy announcer voice): "The shortstop grabs the ball, tosses it to second for the easy play and retires the side...no runs on one hit, Nebraska 5-2."

"Weird" isn't nearly strong enough of a description.
You sure hit that Joba prediction outta the park.
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