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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Reason #5,486 I miss Steve Stone

Stoney is calling the Cubs game on ESPN right now...it actually makes me slightly sad to hear him calling a Cubs game, knowing it is just for ESPN. Anyways, here was this exchange:

"So Hollandsworth stays at second, and that will bring up the pitcher."

Stone: "Now, Mitre is a very good hitting pitcher. Watch for him to pull something here."

And Mitre promptly pulls a RBI double down the third-base line. Unbelievable.

Not only that, but after a Neifi at-bat, Patterson gets up and hits a single to get Mitre in...then steals second! You know, what Patterson is supposed to do? And he actually did it!

Cubs up 2-0, Bottom of the Fourth.

I know this may be off-topic, but please have your readers take a look at this post--very important:

Uh, yeah, that is WAY off-topic. "My" readers, consisting of roughly the number of contributors on this blog, can take a look if they like.

And then the flood of comments will come flowing through.
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