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Sunday, June 12, 2005

So what else is new

In a shocking turn of events, our friend Dr. Dickhead, has let us all down. Last night he promised a few of us, myself included, an after hours extravaganza full of first year med students looking for a little first hand research into male STDs. What a liar. After countless unanswered calls, I proceeded to his residence to further investigate. All I got was The Rod. And nothing against The, but I was looking for some faces with fewer sideburns. Guess Dr. Dickhead will now burn in hell.

I really do not know who to blame here. It sounds as if Paul was being Paul, and much like Big Boi believing 'Gods Country' could be a good time with the good doctor the kid at times has a hard time delivering. Speaking of which Pete and myself will be hosting a gathering Saturday between the end of the second CWS session and before a McFly's run (dancers will be provided)
Actually Paul did hook up the afterhours. I did come over and there was one hot med student there.
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