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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Verdict is in...

So I just finished (last night) with my first ever duty on a jury. Now there are probably a million other things I could've and should've been doing, especially during my last week at the Sandbox, but it truly was a good experience. Luckily, my jury selection and trial only lasted a combined 2 days. Had it been more like a month, I probably would have a different opinion.

This was actually a very interesting case. It was 2 felony counts of terroristic threats, which we the jury found not-guilty. While I'm not going into further details, the thought of the charges are a little scary. Basically it was an accusation against this person with no evidence or witnesses. The scary part is something like this could happen to anyone. One persons word against another. Anyone can call the cops and make up some ass backwords story about someone else resulting in an arrest.

Does the justice system work? In this case, I would have to say yes. 2 felony counts is pretty damn serious. To prove that this man was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt was just something that the state couldn't do, and we as the jurors, in the end, recognized that fact.

If any of you blog readers are interested to hear further details on this case, email me & I'll fill you in.

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