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Monday, June 06, 2005

Wake me when they're done....

Granted, I'm not a huge NBA fan. However, I am pledging to not watch a minute of the Pistons vs. Spurs series.

However, the pledge can be broken if anyone can give me a compelling reason to watch...

Here's one: the NBA is fixed, so you should tune in to see which team David Stern wants to win.
I'm totally with the NP Dawg on this one. Is there 2 more boring teams in the NBA? Plus I love Shaq and it's ashamed the big fella' had to go down like that.
I like Shaq, too. That said, I am really excited for this series.

I guess this depends on your basketball world-view. In my eyes, these teams are far from "boring." These are the best two fundamental teams BY FAR. There is going to be some great basketball played during the Finals. The matchups are intriguing. Perennial All-Defensive teamer Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace trying to shut down Tim Duncan (Rasheed vs. Timmy? Could we see the first ever melt-down of Tim Duncan as he just gets annoyed as hell?). Manu Ganobli--easily one of the most exciting players in the league. Not to mention that both teams have shown that they can put up big points.

I don't know, if you like crappy basketball, you're right, this series isn't for you.
I'm with everyone else who says that this series blows. The scores are going to be in the 80's and that is not good basketball.

The only positive is that David Stern will sneer at every journalist who asks about sagging ratings for the next 8 months. This is timeless.
Fundamental-smundamental...who would you rather see: Duncan vs Big Ben/Rashweed or Amare vs Shaq?...I Rest my case...
Who would you rather see: the two best teams in the NBA, or the two second best?

I rest my case.
I don't think you can say with a straight face that you would rather watch the Pistons-Spurs than the Heat-Suns. Next you're going to say that George Bush is more intelligent than John Kerry.
Nice one, Pete.

I can honestly say that I am excited about this series. Would have I have been happy with the alternative, too? Yes. But this is going to be a sweet series.
This series is going to be about as slow as the MIB getting up off the couch. Sweet series? Maybe in 1950. There are only two players worth watching: Prince and Ganobli. The problem is neither is going to get to see the ball as much as they usually do because this series is going to be decided on the blocks. All this series is going to be is a pissing contest between Duncan and Wallace(s). Everyone else becomes inconsequential as both teams play way too good of defense. I'm not even going to bother to watch because the scores may not even reach the 80's. So I'll throw in my vote with Sambuca, Pete, and Gage. You Lose GA.
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