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Thursday, June 02, 2005

What team is this again?

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Let me see if I have this straight: Mark Prior's replacement is John Koronka--a career minor leaguer, who this year had a losing record and a 4+ ERA in Iowa. Aramis Ramirez doesn't start because his ankle is sore--insert Enrique Wilson (batting second!). Todd Hollandsworth starts. Michael Barrett goes 0-4. Corey Patterson goes 1-5. And the Cubs win 9-5???? How is this possible, you ask?

First of all, we were "Nutty for Neifi" tonight--4 for 5 and just a triple from the cycle!

However, the real story, yet again: Derrek Lee. 5 for 5, a home run, and four RBI's. For those of you keeping score at home, that brings his season totals to:

.380 BA 17 HR 50 RBI

I would like to point out that these numbers are as of June 1st. JUNE 1ST!! He is currently the Triple Crown leader...for the National AND American Leagues. He is roughly on pace to hit 54 home runs and 160 RBI. And the .380 average? I mean, this is seriously some Barry Bonds shit. His on-base percentage is over .480! His slugging in the mid .700's! To sum up his offense, take a look at this:

Category Rank (NL)
BA 1st
RBI 1st
OBP 1st
OPS 1st
HR 1st
Runs 2nd
SLG 1st
Total Bases (1st or 2nd, couldn't find that updated stat tonight)

It is honestly amazing to get to watch this guy play for my team night in and night out. And as I posted before, now that Aramis is finally starting to knock the crap out of the ball, the Cubs' offense is really starting to look dangerous. Along with Ryan Dempster shutting it down at the end of the game, let's take this 6-game win streak into "Whale's Vagina" and kick the crap out of the Padres.

Lets not forget that Derek Lee is excellent defensively.
That is easy to forget right now. But yes, he is a Gold Glover, and got ROBBED last year--Aramis went from 33 errors to TEN in one year. Who do you think helped that cause?
I know who didn't help him, Ron Santo, how could he?
Ronny helps by cheering his little heart out in the booth every night.
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